May 2017 - Future Impact

High End Circular

Scientists predict that it is a realistic scenario that there will be no sea ice in the summers on the North Pole before 2020. As a result the water surface will warm up even faster with disastrous global consequences for the climate. A scare that feels like it is far away from us. The news of last week though that the Wadden Sea will be permanently under water in the foreseeable future is already closer to home. It makes us realize that we need to work hard on a transition on how to learn to deal with our planet. Not tomorrow, but today. 

A transition is needed for a fully circular economy, in which raw materials and fossil fuels are no longer being used. Waste is the new raw material and energy from natural renewable resources is the norm. That is not a small change, but a complete revolution. 

We see both the need as the chances of the transition to a circular economy and of the energy transition that is part of it. Internally and externally, we seek ways to do it better. At one of our largest pilots in the field of circular economy and energy transition, the Eneco Energy Campus at Lage Weide in Utrecht, we organized a round table discussion with a number of larger market parties. Heijmans, SADC, VORM, Copper8 and DWA participated in an open conversation with us about their opinion and how they want to realize these ambitions. 

Together we take the opportunities to bring the circular economy further and to create pilots in which we can increase our knowledge. We want to take serious steps towards a self-evident new reality in which smart and sustainable solutions become truly circular and go hand in hand with architecture. The "social impact" of each development must be an ongoing dialogue as part of the step towards a new world. 

The important conclusion is that it starts with small things. Start with yourself, ask yourself different questions and start the conversation with others to create awareness. And be open: the circular economy demands other principles, new earning models, from shared interests. Soon we will talk to each other and other parties about how to take action as quickly as possible in concrete projects: we are just going to do it! 

More information: Aron Bogers, Josine van Gulik, Rutger Oolbekkink, Eef Middendorp