May 2017 - Future Impact

Future Impact

The theme of the Provada this year is ‘the future’. It seems like we talk about it all day. Everything changes, new technologies come up every day, the possibilities of ‘the Internet of things’ and big data seem unprecedented. Our projects also go faster, we interact with technical advisors more often, and we believe that we are working on projects even more integrated than in the past. 

And at the same time, we still think it's all about the people who live in our buildings. They use new techniques, their fridge orders the milk, the phone tells them when to go home and what route the self-driving car has to take, an app tells who needs our help or love and yet: isn’t it the built environment which has to provide us with a kind of firmness? Don’t we want to use those new techniques to maintain contact with the neighbours and to feel more at home in our neighbourhood? 

We will discuss these questions during the Overburenborrel on May 30th. Will you join the conversation? 

With Kind regards,
Tako Postma and Bert van Breugel