May 2016 - New reality

Sense of belonging

Meanwhile, Inbo is using its various disciplines to invest immense efforts to provide humane shelters for refugees in the Netherlands – professionally but also out of conviction. Let’s share our prosperity with people who need it. 

At the Venice Biennale, you can see Inbo’s Rik Bakker appearing in 'A Sense of Belonging', a movie made by the Dutch Architects Association (Dutch: BNA). Rutger Oolbekkink and Maaike Stoop have organised the jury and the publicity of the competition 'A Home Away from Home,' which is organised by the Central Organ for shelter of asylum seekers (Dutch: COA) and the Chief Government Architect (Dutch: Rijksbouwmeester). 

In the European tender for the Houthavens asylum centre, our design team consisting of Deerns and Pieters was beaten in a photo-finish by the Geurst & Schulze firm from The Hague. Too bad, but you can’t always win! We wholeheartedly congratulate Geurst & Schulze on the exceptional assignment for an urban asylum centre. 

Trude de Vroomen is currently working in a team set up by Hegeman Almelo developing a house for refugee status holders, which must be built quickly, the Welcome Home House. Meanwhile, Piet van der Ploeg manages teams that work on the renovation of an asylum centre in Den Helder and the building of a temporary asylum centre in Enschede – exceptional tasks that combine temporality and resilience.

More information: Piet van der Ploeg