May 2016 - New reality

Spatial mediation

Guido Wallagh, consultant and partner at Inbo, is becoming increasingly sought to independently mediate between parties. The examples from his recent advisory practice are many and diverse. 

Whether or not to place solar panels on the roof of a monument? A sustainable and attractive idea, but viewed from a heritage perspective debatable. Expanding a school because of a sharp rise in number of students? For the school an undisputed necessity, but residents might fear the extra noise and loss of public space. Completing the final phase of a multi-year urban renewal with additional construction? Or maintaining the playground that it became in recent years, and integrate it with the surrounding houses? Develop new wind farms? How to ensure that local residents do not experience too much nuisance and can also profit from wind energy? 

Regional mediation becomes a new business in and of its own. For all examples Guido, together with  different parties and stakeholders, constructed spatial solutions, good argumentation and support. Instruments he applies are special interview techniques partly derived from ‘mediation’ and serious gaming, scenario development and design studios. 

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