May 2016 - New reality

Aesthetic bicycle parking

In a sustainable, modern city, we all use bicycles. This is healthy, comfortable and beneficial for the environment. But… where do we leave all those bicycles when the city becomes more and more dense? The solution is aesthetic bicycle parking for beautiful cities: from solving a problem to creating nice spots for the favourite means of transportation. With that idea in mind, the initiators of CycleCity® – Cyclespace, LoMinck and Inbo – got in touch with the Municipality of Amsterdam. The latter became enthusiastic and is now organising a spot along the canal to experiment with this idea. 

CycleCity® would like to see cyclists park their bicycles in an orderly fashion close to one another: a contribution to the beauty of the city. High-quality materials such as aluminium or stainless steel are standard. Integrated LED illumination supplied by solar energy and water storage (for some models) assist in making the city sustainable. 

The first prototypes for the various bicycle parking solutions of CycleCity® have been developed and are presented on FabCity. This is a temporary and freely accessible sustainable campus, where more than 400 students, creative people and professionals explore and present solutions for current urban issues on the head-end of the JavaIsland in Amsterdam until the 26th of June. 

More information: Wilco van Oosten