May 2016 - New reality

Energy-neutral Town Hall

The Municipality of Waddinxveen plans to transform an existing retail premises into a new home for politicians and residents in the centre of the city. Although this was not a requirement, the team consisting of DWA, SWINN, Boag and Inbo considers it obvious that the new town hall would have to be energy-neutral, thereby meeting the ambitions promoted by the government. 

By now, the preliminary design of the new town hall is ready. Energy-neutrality is guaranteed without expanding the budget. The existing shell will be almost completely re-used and will be heavily insulated. The new extension is designed in such a way that the total façade surface of the new building will be as small as possible. The building has a simple, rectangular floor plan with a homogeneous façade. To reduce the heat created by the incidence of sunlight, the largest glass sections will be placed at the north and east sides. A heat pump in combination with solar panels will provide the remaining energy requirement. 

More information: Jacques Prins, Niek Schouten