May 2016 - New reality

Eneco Energy Campus

The former Lage Weide power station, which was put into service in 1959 for Utrecht’s provincial and municipal power supply, is located in Eneco’s industrial area in Utrecht. This is where Eneco began and became a big player in the old-world era of fossil fuel. The fact that this location in particular will be redeveloped into the Eneco Energy Campus, completely focused on the new world of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and bio-gas, illustrates the transition of energy, a development that we all welcome and the pioneering role that Eneco plays in this. 

Harold Koekkoek, location manager of Eneco Utrecht and responsible for the redevelopment of terrains and buildings, says: “In the past, the power station was built at the edge of the city, but nowadays it is located smack in the centre. It is my ambition to give this area back to the city and to meticulously transform it into an open campus – a site where companies and students can develop and test new applications that are focused on increasing the comfort and health of the residents of Utrecht and its surroundings.” 

The factory on the Lage Weide and the adjacent Werkspoorkwartier industrial area will be redeveloped, requiring multiple parties during the process and the operating phase. Therefore, Eneco engaged Rutger Büch and Aron Bogers to interest suitable parties and to kick start the project of achieving a sound, sustainable and inspiring Energy Campus. 

Together with personally invited parties, they conducted three fact-finding visits to examples of such campuses (the RDM campus in Rotterdam, the Kleefse Waard industrial park in Arnhem and the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven) to examine how the Eneco Energy Campus might look like and how the campus must comply with new-world standards. 

They will present the strategy to Eneco Utrecht on the 17th of June. Until then, they will look for inspiration and conduct discussions with the parties that want to play a role in the process of redevelopment and/or operation of the campus. Anyone who wants to contribute to this is invited wholeheartedly. 


More information: Aron Bogers