May 2016 - New reality

Sustainable living in the Randstad

Geworteld Wonen proves that sustainable urban development and a sustainable way of life are not only possible in rural areas, but also in the highly urbanized Randstad. During the large Sustainability Congress that took place on May 19 in Rijswijk, the CPO project by initiator and architect Jeroen Simons got ample attention. The Geworteld Wonen stand was run by future residents, eagerly telling how their dream home is becoming a reality. Among others our Minister of Housing Stef Blok and several aldermen visited our stand.

Geworteld Wonen consists of 47 houses in a common estate with gardens, fruit trees, ornamental garden, playground and picnic, boat jetty, common barn for chores and sheds, greenhouses, permaculture and spray water collection. Social cohesion, care for each other and a desire to live a comfortable life in a slightly different way is what drives the participants. There is no gas; heating, cooling and electricity are generated locally. In addition, the facades of the houses are entirely constructed of recycled plastics. 

On April 22 the future inhabitants celebrated the highest point of the first family houses that are to be completed in September. For the main estate there are only a few apartments still available for new participants. 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan