May 2016 - New reality

Two nominations for the NRP Gulden Feniks

Of 83 entries, Inbo was nominated twice for the 2016 NRP Gulden Feniks Award: the award for promoting and inspiring the re-use of existing built-up environment. The NRP Gulden Feniks Awards are granted annually for the following categories: Area Transformation, Transformation, Renovation and Low Budget – High Impact. The nomination of two development plans is a fitting reward for the way in which the design teams and the principals use existing buildings to create an exceptionally new environment. 

Meyster’s Buiten in Utrecht was nominated in the category of Area Transformation. The urban development plan by Arnold Meijer is based on the complete utilisation of the qualities that characterises the area. The historical Cereol factory was re-designated as a social and cultural facility that breathes new life into the neighbourhood. The jury had this to say about the entry: “The attractive architecture and the excellent plan have earned Meyster’s Buiten our appreciation.” 

The Town Hall of Zevenaar was nominated in the category of Transformation. “The transformation of the buildings of the former tobacco factory into the new town hall of Zevenaar is a daring and original re-designation, enabling the municipality to preserve the monumental building for the community.” 

On Wednesday, the 22nd of June, the names of the winners will be published and the prizes will be awarded. All the nominated projects and other entries can be viewed here

More information: Arnold Meijer (Meyster’s Buiten), Frank Zewald (Town   Hall of Zevenaar)