March 2018 - Social Impact

Social Impact

The challenges we work on are strongly coloured by current events. Young people have trouble finding an affordable home in the city. Older people must increasingly be and remain self-reliant. In the competition between companies and educational institutions, attracting and binding talents with an attractive working and learning environment it is getting more and more important.

As designers, builders, clients and consultants, we set the bar for the (future) quality of our daily living environment. Current social issues and the transition to a circular economy require other processes, other business models and focus on their social, ecological and economic consequences.

With our work we want to contribute to the eleventh sustainable development goal of the UN: “Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.”  We link our choices to the 'social impact' that they generate and consistently start discussions with the people for whom we realize our plans. This is how we make projects that really make a difference. The interest from the public debate and the appreciation that this brings us, motivates us even more and shows that the way we have been working for years, was never as topical as it is now.

We are therefore very proud that our co-creation XXL project Space-S has been nominated for Building of the Year by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects BNA. And of course we aim to win the public award.

With kind regards, also on behalf of the entire Space-S team,  
Aron Bogers