March 2018 - Social Impact

Practice what you preach

Renewal is still often a symbol of progress. Fortunately, at the same time the realization is growing that it can and should be done differently. As economist Kate Raworth puts it in her ‘Doughnut Economics’ theory: "Currently we have economies that need to grow, whether we thrive or not. What we need are economies that ensure that we thrive, regardless whether they grow or not. That is a radical change in perspective." 

The new economy must start working as an ecosystem based on circularity. Business models are based on use instead of ownership, cycles interlock to reduce waste and unnecessary use of raw materials. Resulting in healthy, flexible, robust buildings and environments, which can be used in many ways and are appreciated by their users. 

What is a better place to show how we do this than our own new office in Amsterdam? In the World Fashion Centre on the West ring road, we are working hard on our new circular work environment (we will move in April), where health, hospitality and curiosity predominate and where the physical environment invites us to talk about how we can make it better together step by step. Soon to be continued! 

More information: Tako Postma, Rodi van der Horst, Tom Oudijk