March 2018 - Social Impact

Buildings that add space

People want to influence the environment in which they live every day. They look for an environment that suits them, that gives them identity, with people with whom they feel connected. Geworteld Wonen (Rooted Living) shows that alternative forms of development enrich urbanism. Sustainability and social cohesion go hand in hand, according to the Blauwe Kamer yearbook. In the busy Randstad area, fifty 'ordinary' households live on a modern estate, where they produce their own fruit and vegetables. 

The municipality of Rijswijk is happy with Geworteld Wonen, even though nothing was done in the standard way. For example, cables and pipelines are normally located beneath public roads, but here they stop at the parking places. After a lot of research it was decided to place them under the garden paths and to make those paths property of the municipality. 

With a width of 6.60 meters, the dwellings are wider than the standard size of developers. The basic home could be extended if desired and all layouts are different. The residents could choose the colour of their frames, within a colour palette chosen by themselves, so that the unity would not get lost. The same applies to the façades where residents, within a prominent grid, could vary with the windows. 

The story of the community that arose here convinced the selection committee of the Blauwe Kamer yearbook: people live comfortably and exactly the way they want to live. According to the committee, Inbo shows that alternative forms of development enrich urbanism. 

More information: Jeroen Simons, Arnold Homan, Mark Bollen