March 2019 - Back to school


School buildings have always formed fascinating challenges. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a primary school in a newly built neighbourhood or a university building on a campus. One designs an entire ecosystem; a location where people meet daily. Nowadays, it is not just to learn anymore, but also to play sports or act in a play. This especially applies to the new colourful community school in Leek, Groningen. It is more than just a school: a community centre 2.0, where people are active at all times of day. A new campus is arising in Breda. Students asked for more than just education: they would like an inspiring meeting spot where they can study, chat, eat and meet the neighbours. A beautiful old technical school adorns the Haarlem landscape. The somewhat dilapidated building which has been abandoned still gives the neighbourhood status. It is being converted into living space, but it will always remain obvious that it used to be a school. It will be called ‘De Meester’ (The Teacher). This gives the apartments a literal added value. For Inbo, designing an educational building remains a fascinating assignment. Whether it is about the technique, or the way in which a specific community wants to get together: every specific design has its challenges that we haven’t encountered before and that move us forward on our way to the future. A school will always be unique.

Kind regards,
Aron Bogers, Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik and Tako Postma