March 2019 - Back to school

Door Samenspel Kampioen

Thirteen energy-neutral townhouses complete existing school building in Haarlem.

Right next to the football field of Haarlem’s football association DKS (Door Samenspel Kampioen – Champions Through Teamplay), we find the Martin Luther King public primary school. Thirteen townhouses are being build adjacent to the L-shaped school building. This creates a rugged-looking block that fits within the neighbourhood. The houses have their front door at street level and are four storeys high. This distinguishes the school and houses while still creating a single entity.

The dwellings are open and light and dispose of balconies and a roof terrace. The roof features extensive solar panel coverage, which – combined with additional insulating measures – makes for an energy-neutral house. The eyecatcher will be a three-storey-high piece of art on the façade, which will refer to the sports history of the location. An artist is being contacted on the subject.

The EFY group, with whom Inbo won this tender for DSKII, calls it Stoer Wonen in Haarlem (Rugged Living in Haarlem). Large townhouses near the centre of Haarlem, yet close to the main motorways. Door Samenspel Kampioen might be a reference to the sports association, but it might just as well be a description of how the school and houses complement each other and form a single, unique building.

Further information: Rik BakkerNiek Schouten