March 2017 - People Work

Fun in technology

Project leader Renée Erens is sobriety itself. She entirely focuses on the content of her job and goes straight to her target. "In Weert we work for Laride, Wonen Limburg and Land van Horne on the project Hornehoof, a plan to provide housing for the elderly with for example dementia or Alzheimer, who are in need of care or who need care close to them. My role in the project includes the tuning of all technical issues and details with other consultants and the contractor. Through integrated coordination between all disciplines we were able to discuss and coordinate all design decisions with our client at an early stage."

"We make cluster homes, consisting of 6 bedrooms with a common living room and kitchen, where care is provided day and night. There will also be individual dwellings for people who can take care of themselves, but would like to have care facilities nearby. The individual houses are part of the larger whole. Social interaction is one of the main features of living here."

Renée talks about how future residents have been closely involved in the design. "A group of representatives of future residents came to our office to look at the drawings, and to build the apartments scale one on one with Styrofoam blocks. Together with them we made the lay outs of the homes this way. This leads to a beautiful and functional environment that is optimized for use."

The coming years Renée wants to grow in her role. "The coming time I will focus on learning managing several different types of projects at the same time. In the distant future I would like to do technically complex projects.” That distant future may be closer than Renée thinks it is...