March 2017 - People Work

People work

Usually we communicate the results of our work with pictures of buildings. This newsletter focuses on the people behind them.

It is special to work with people who are very passionate and who want to work together intensively. How do we ensure that people continue to grow in what they do? That we inspire each other to move forward? As an HR consultant those are the things I work on each day.

It starts with that we in principle hire people who are better than ourselves, or who have the potential to become so. Therefore there should be plenty of space for training and development. In our InboAcademy, in individual trainings and with personal coaching days we challenge our colleagues to get the best out of themselves and to be happy at work. We challenge people to do what they are good at and to further excel in it. Some people need a little help to discover what they are really good at and what their talents are. Therefore, I talk to people a lot. When the penny drops, you often see people get wings. That gives me energy.

What I find very special about Inbo is the incredible flexibility of our organization. Not everyone fits into  the standard architect or engineer box. The people in this newsletter are just a few examples of that. By giving them the opportunity to work from their own passion and drive, work will always be fun and together we achieve an enormous strength and team spirit.

With kind regards,
Lianne Heusschen