March 2017 - People Work

The cheerful Frisian guy

Directly after his study Architectural Engineering Klaas Adema started to work at Inbo Heerenveen as engineer 15 years ago. "The variety of projects attracts me very much and ensures that Inbo is a nice place to work, and that I still enjoy going to work. That is to a large extent because of the variety of projects: sometimes I work on a school, then on dwellings and another time on a hotel. Now I work on a private villa located on a beautiful piece of land at the water in Broek in Friesland."

Klaas is a prototype Frisian, if they really exist. He was born and raised in Friesland, one of the most northern provinces of the Netherlands. Frisians are known to be harsh, but if Klaas talks about his work you for sure will not notice any of that. His eyes begin to shine and a laugh appears on his face as he says: "The interesting thing about working on a villa is that very often the work is a lot more complex than you might expect. This house I’m working on for example gets great aluminium window frames, large verandas and large overhangs. We have drawn about 70 details, and that is a lot.” Klaas adds to that: "Because of the private wishes of this project, it is completely different compared to for example a school. There is a lot of sorting out to do and each change has consequences for the entire process. All in all very instructive. My ambition is to work on a really big project like Valley on the Amsterdam South axis. That would be really cool. Secretly I am a little jealous of my colleagues in Woudenberg who work on that building.”

Simultaneously Klaas is clear about his work in Friesland: "It is wonderful to work very close to our clients. They often choose an agency from the neighborhood and we often talk Frisian with each other. Everything goes much more natural then. We know from each other what we mean and we all are always proud of the result.” Klaas laughs: “If you are not a Frisian it is hard to fit in.”