March 2017 - People Work

The Photoshop guru

Marjan Sarab works at Inbo in Eindhoven since 1,5 years as an architect. Besides being a talented designer she is also very good at creating images with Photoshop, making her ‘the Photoshop guru’ of Inbo. Soon she will give her third Photoshop course to our colleagues, in between the design jobs she does in the Eindhoven department. 

It is her enthusiasm and vision on Photoshop that make Marjan’s images so good. At the beginning of the course Marjan tells her colleagues that they are not going to create images, but visualisations. Because that is what she calls it: “It is about creating the image that is in your mind, so others can see it too. The realisation of your imagination. Creating atmosphere and telling a story.” During the courses she asks everyone to think out of the box as much as possible and to ‘go crazy’. “The better you are able to create a certain atmosphere, the better you can sell your ideas to a potential client. Therefore I think it is very important to be good at Photoshop. Because in the end it is a marketing tool.“ 

Marjan explains how the course giving began: “When I started at Inbo people noticed the images I was creating in Photoshop, and began to ask me for help. As this ask for help was getting more and more I thought it would be fun to organize an evening after work for tips & tricks, with wine and pizza. From the moment my colleagues in Amsterdam and Woudenberg heard about this, they wanted me to come to their offices too. So I did that. And now, one year later, I give an ‘official’ Photoshop course which is part of the InboAcademy. We are even handing out official certificates.” 

“The cool thing of teaching to your colleagues is that you see them every day (or if they work at one of the other offices at least every now and then). In that way I can follow their progress, and see the effect of my courses. And that is fun!”