March 2017 - People Work

The quirky interior designer

When Naomy Dentro joined Inbo as an interior designer nearly two years ago, she was looking for more depth in her work and broadening her activities. "In my previous job the aesthetic component counted heavily. At Inbo we also think much more about how we can strengthen the organizational structure and the identity of the organization with the working environment. We design more in dialogue with the end user. Moreover, the types of projects are much more divers, so I can work on a wider variety of projects."

"I have found the depth that I was looking for. In the beginning I had to step quite a bit out of my comfort zone. As an interior designer with an art school background you are an odd duck in the middle of mostly architects and engineers. But gradually it seems that this difference of background and approach strengthens the team."

"Right now I'm working on a company restaurant and conference centre that matches the healthy environment of a major player in the market of well-being and health. There are now several catering establishments on the campus of the company. We bring them together in one place to stimulate encounters and create more intimacy. The various functions in the building operate multiple parties and types of people. We divide the space therefore into three elements which are intertwined: coffee, wine & dine and meet. There will also be a VIP section to receive important foreign guests."

"The interesting thing is that I really give shape to the project together with my client and that we walk the path together. The advisory role I have now is bigger, and not as commercially oriented as in my previous job, which I find very stimulating. What moreover is very instructive in this process is that the customer only had a few demands in the beginning regarding their plan, but they expressed a clear ambition. With this in mind I started to work and made a proposal. That first step led to a fun and interesting dialogue. The plan that is on the table now, of which realization will begin anytime, arises from this."

"One of my ambitions is to acquire more and more new projects arising with the projects I have done. With our interior design team we dream of making the design of an Aesop store. Designing a pearl to sell soap, what more could you want?"