March 2017 - People Work

The committed advisor

Coen Hermans since February works at Inbo as project assistant Urban Strategy. Previously, he worked at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, where he was involved in organizing activities and events concerning the latest developments of area planning. But Coen wanted more: "It was time to actually get started with social issues myself, instead of just organizing evenings and talk about it. Moreover, I have an urban strategy background which I would like to use, preferably projects at the intersection of planning and urban design. I also want to evolve in acquisition and as a discussion leader." Thus Coen is now working together with project leader Rutger Oolbekkink on the competition WHO CARES, organized by State Architect Floris Alkemade.

WHO CARES focuses on the changing care structure in combination with post-war neighbourhoods which are ready for renovation and offer space for transformation to new housing. "A very interesting project to work on, because it is a future minded issue", says Coen. "174 entries have been received. I am proud that we have been able to accomplish so many people, and that many multidisciplinary teams have registered. By switching to Inbo I'm much more concerned with the subject matter. A longer term project as WHO CARES gives me the opportunity to actually go in depth and to investigate many aspects of the issues around housing and care. At the same time there is at Inbo much room to develop my personal skills, such as moderating discussions and meetings."

On the 5th  and 10th of April the jury of WHO CARES will visit the four locations the competition concerns to judge the entries. The winner will be announced in the autumn.