March 2017 - People Work

For 40 years the loyal force

Soon Rien Wolfswinkel will be working at Inbo for 40 years as an engineer. A long period in which a lot has happened in our office. The average person at Inbo was not even born yet when Rien joined. We wonder what his recipe is to come to the office with a smile every day and which project he found the most special to work on.

Rien, 40 years at Inbo, are we really that nice?

"Yes we are. It is the dynamic that makes it so much fun. I usually work on very special projects which are also very diverse. From the Omnisportcentrum in Apeldoorn to towers on the South axis in Amsterdam and several nice housing projects. Every time in different teams, so that no project is the same. This ensures that it never gets boring to work here."


"Obviously a lot has happened in the past 40 years. The way we work has changed completely. I remember Klaas Geerts, who founded Inbo in 1962, already had a clear vision on digitization early, while the more traditional companies saw nothing in that. Drawing boards could only leave the office, and not get in. In the beginning we obviously had to get used to digital drawing, but gradually we grew into it and it paid off. That trend carried on; still it’s the innovative developments in the field, with all the new techniques and programs, that make this job so much fun."


"Over the years we grew into an office with nearly 360 employees. In all those years I have worked in 6 or 7 different teams. During the economic downturn unfortunately many colleagues had to leave us, but luckily things go very well now and we are one of the biggest architectural offices in the Netherlands again. Also these kinds of developments, although they are not always fun, make Inbo a dynamic company."


You've worked on a lot of projects. What was your most special one?
"The Markthal in Rotterdam. A striking and unique building like that you do not get a chance to work on often. The very strict aesthetic requirements of the architect MVRDV made it a challenge to satisfy all parties towards the realization. The engineering of this building was very instructive for me, which of course every project is in its own way. In this case the glass facade was a very complex part, because of the alignment of the cable network to the construction and the hinged portals to the tourniquets."


"I am very proud of the result. It was complex, but we have achieved the result we wanted. It has become a building that many Rotterdam citizens are proud of."