March 2016 - Social impact

Smart transformation

In a prominent location opposite the historic town of Alkmaar the Ringers factory is located. Chocolate was manufactured here until the 70s. Over the last years the factory has been mostly empty. Commissioned by owner BPD and the municipality of Alkmaar Menno Moerman, Trude de Vroomen and Joris van Loenhout developed a clever transformation plan for the Ringers Factory and the surrounding area. 

Keywords of the plan are: differentiation, intensification and density. With a differentiated and flexible housing program it anticipates on the growing demand for urban housing. The Ringers Factory will get a public function and the city will invest heavily in lowering the quay along the waters of the Noord-Hollandsch channel. The Ringers Square that is created with this intervention will achieve a spatial quality that does not occur elsewhere in Alkmaar: right on the water on the sunny side of the channel. The plans will be further developed in the coming period. 

More information: Menno Moerman, Trude de Vroomen