March 2016 - Social impact

Square Public

New World Campus, a breeding ground for sustainable innovation in The Hague, wants to connect its network to the network of the city. The Dutch Diamonds - entrepreneurs, research institutes, governments, NGOs and funders that work together in New World Campus on international issues of sustainability and fair economy - will thus play a role in and contribute to the urban themes in The Hague. 

From the ambition to also have local and social impact Rutger Oolbekkink and Arnold Homan, consultant and architect at Inbo, along with Renée Rooijmans, visual anthropologist, in December organized a small festival as a method of place making: The Public Square. The goal: connecting the network of New World Campus to the network of neighborhood and city, based on the design of the public space, and search for ideas and initiatives in line with themes such as circularity, waste, employment and making the city greener.                                                                                                          

During the Square Public festival the networks were able to get acquainted. With the help of models and photographs people could make suggestions for the design of the square in front of the building. New encounters immediately led to the development of concrete initiatives. One of the first initiatives has already started: the neighborhood initiative ‘Klaverblad’ started a vegetable garden for neighborhood residents on the parking lot of the New World Campus.                                                    

As a result of the Square Public festival, New World Campus strongly deploys on the public program, including on urban development. And with the large amount of ideas for the design of the square, together with the interest of the municipality of The Hague, it seems like it will get a promising follow-up. In small steps forward and collaborating on specific initiatives with social, environmental and economic impact.

For a short video:

More information: Arnold Homan, Rutger Oolbekkink