March 2016 - Social impact

A Market Hall in Stopera Amsterdam?

How can the ground floor of the Amsterdam city hall be an attractive, special and appreciated place in the city again? By creating a large open space for a flourishing manufacturing industry? By disconnecting the city hall and the opera house, located in the same building, and organizing in two independent buildings around a new forum or ‘house of democracy’ activities that express the freedom of expression: from democracy and civic participation to culture? Or by opening flagship stores for the A- brands of Amsterdam - from Heineken to Van Gogh Museum, from Droog to Guerrilla Games - around a public garden that is worth visiting by itself? 

Made in Amsterdam, Free Amsterdam and Triple A-msterdam are the three variants for the reprogramming of the ground floor of the famous Stopera building, Waterloo Square and the Waterloo Square Market those that were recently presented to the city council, whom to this cause launched an open call for ideas in September 2015. Ideas that give the vacant or vacated space on the ground floor of the city hall a function and a meaning again and ensure that the city hall, market and Waterloo regain more mutual connection. 

Along with a program team of specialists with many promoters and based on 180 submitted ideas and initiatives Guido Wallagh and Jeroen Oomens in five months’ time managed to create three programmatic options for the city hall, market and public space. Around summer the city council will decide what the Amsterdam City Hall and its surroundings will look like in the coming fifteen years.

More information: Guido Wallagh, Jeroen Oomens