March 2016 - Social impact

Children should play (outside) more!

Our children are, partly because of our well-intentioned policies, immersed in comfort and safety. In Pijnacker Arnold Meijer and Frank Maas took this opportunity to design a green residential environment and landscape, with space to play in the nature.  

In the last years only a little challenging playground were realized. Separately for each age group, and often with additional features (safety) or artificial grass mats where children in particular cannot get dirty. Especially in this time of gaming, the Internet and social media

where children experience exciting things indoors on the couch, children of any age should be challenged to re-discover nature, to run around in the mud, to meet and to each other to play. And not every age group in a different place, but in one place where young and old come together.

In the scenic residential environment in Pijnacker as little was designed as possible, except for some playing areas in the form of hills, tree trunks and a water riff. The distances between the playing areas are deliberately larger than usual, just to get the children to move. The materials are of course in the same character. Sand, mud and grass, puddles to run around in. Despite that the areas still have to grow and spring has yet to begin, the enthusiasm among the youth was already big. 

More information: Arnold Meijer, Frank Maas