March 2016 - Social impact

Innovative housing for asylum seekers

A Home away from Home, the design competition for innovative solutions for the housing of asylum seekers has resulted in a huge number of participants. On the 14th of  March the submission deadline closed. Over 350 participants, of which 78% professionals and 22% students, sent in their proposals. Almost a third of the submissions proposes the conversion of vacant buildings, the remaining entries show designs for flexible living units on available grounds. 

The huge response from the design world is a encouraging sign, says Rutger Oolbekkink, project manager of the competition. "The content and quality of the designs is yet to be seen, but I have great confidence in the designing approach for this issue. It creates solutions that add value in several areas. Shelter for efugees, addressing vacancy, but also housing solutions for very different groups. The competition can be a driving force for a new flexible housing stock." 

The competition is an initiative by the Central Agency for the shelter of Asylum Seekers (COA) in collaboration with government architect Floris Alkemade. The competition is hosted by the website of Nederlandwordtanders (The Netherlands change). Rutger Oolbekkink organizes and leads the contest together with colleague Maaike Stoop and several external team members. 

More information: Rutger Oolbekkink