March 2016 - Social impact

How many homes for whom?

How much and what kind of housing should be built in the coming years? For whom? What conditions should be imposed? Now that the dynamics within the housing market have returned and (performance) agreements need to be made at local and regional scale, we find that local authorities and housing corporations need recognizable and usable responses to these questions. 

With the rising housing market the opportunity arises to connect with urgent social issues. Such as the housing of status holders and the high vacancy in shops and offices. Commissioned by the Woudenberg municipality and housing corporation Vallei Wonen Jeroen Oomens made an estimate of the housing needs in Woudenberg for the short (2020) and long term (2030). By strengthening the national prognosis based on current developments, such as the appropriate allocation of corporate housing to households entitled to housing benefit, an estimation of the need for housing was made. This estimation offers an updated base for the housing policy of Woudenberg and the collaboration between the municipality, corporation, care and market participants.

More information: Jeroen Oomens