March 2016 - Social impact

‘Healthy’ urban planning

Recently Eline Scheepers obtained her doctorate at the Free University (VU, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences) on researching the possibility of encouraging active transport (cycling and walking). Scheepers discovered that the choice of transport is strongly correlated with the perception of accessibility and much less with the actual accessibility. 

In the research, the research areas of health and urban development come together in a special way. Menno Moerman was a member of the AVENUE project group that guided Eline  during this project, together with the RIVM and TU Eindhoven, among others. The collaboration started from the research The healthy neighborhood, in which Inbo together with the VU researched the relationship between urban development and health. Since then Menno has developed a particular fascination for the subject, and in addition to his urban planning work frequently reserves time for research in this area. 

More information: Menno Moerman