June 2017 - Circular and Healthy

Building follows man

An inspiring work and study environment, with space for meeting and relaxation. Relaxed and lightweight designed in the park-like campus which is in development. The wood inside and outside gives the building a pleasant atmosphere. A sustainable and healthy building, almost energy-neutral, which takes its responsibility for the future. That was the starting point for our design for the new building of the faculty of Social Sciences at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

In order to achieve that, we made a few important choices at the beginning of the design process. Lots of daylight for example. This provides a pleasant work and study environment where little artificial light is needed. The compact design with nice light atria limits the façade surface, which is favourable for the use of energy. Inviting and strategically located stairs ensure that the lifts will be used less. Finally, we are using a special heat recovery wheel in the climate system - invented by our team partner Deerns.

But the most important way of how we will make the faculty of Social Sciences a nice energy-efficient building is probably the principle "building follows man": only where people are present, the climate installation will work. It is also special that employees can open their windows. Something that is greatly appreciated. Of course, the climate system switches itself off in the rooms where the window is open.

More information: Jeroen Simons, Wilco van Oosten