June 2017 - Circular and Healthy

Circular and healthy

We live in a material world where innovation of material and product symbolize progress. We don’t use our cars 90% of the time, because we want to go wherever we want, whenever we want. We share the same day and night rhythm of energy usage: we make coffee at the same time and use hot water for the shower simultaneously.

This no longer brings us progress. The earth is warming up, the Arctic Ice Cap melts, the climate is getting more extreme and we are using up raw materials. That must be changed, and can be changed. Therefore in our projects we look for new ways to use solar energy, wind power and water power, and we use materials in smart and durable ways to close cycles.

For Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC), our interior team is working on a circular customer experience room at Schiphol Airport. In Son and Breugel we are working on a new zero energy city hall. For and together with Eneco, we are working on the Eneco Energy Campus on a variety of initiatives related to the energy transition. In Amsterdam Zuidoost we are working on a new residential tower, at a location where client G&S built offices in the 80’s. These offices are now being demolished, leaving us the challenge to reuse materials as much as possible.

In order to make a real change, we need a revolution in how we design, build and use products and buildings. That begins with educating the next generation. For the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design we therefore organize a lecture series about the circular economy. With Cirkelstad Utrecht, SGS Search, Boot ingenieurs, de University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht and the U10, a partnership of 10 municipalities in Utrecht, we are talking about a circular education building, which will be built with materials released at the demolition of buildings in the region.

Of course we do not know and cannot do everything yet. But by just doing it, we are getting closer to a self-evident new reality step by step, in which smart sustainable solutions, comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand.

With kind regards,
Aron Bogers and Josine van Gulik