June 2017 - Circular and Healthy

Breeding ground for new citizens

Migration is of all times. Newcomers have been everywhere for centuries: that's nothing new, though we might experience it different these times, more personal. Globalization has taken a huge flight in recent decades. And if there are refugees knocking on our door, there sometimes are social challenges that make it hard and expensive to build up a new life. Think of the limited availability of homes, waiting times in asylum centres, difficulties with entering the labour market and integration and language barriers. 

Stichting PitZtop wants to help newcomers, but also Dutch people who want to come into contact with these newcomers, to get over these ‘bumps’. A PitZtop is based on four pillars that are needed to build up a 'normal life' as a newcomer in the Netherlands: meeting, creating, working and staying. PitZtop is an open and fun place for meeting, eating and drinking with newcomers and others, and to get started yourself. 

Providing these needs, realizing these pillars, requires the development of physical places. Inbo is a partner of PitZtop, and thinks along about the design and actual implementation of potential locations. With our involvement in this initiative, we contribute to an ever-changing society where migration generates opportunities instead of dilemmas. And in the end, to a nicer and better world. 

The Hospitality Community Concept PitZtop is an initiative of The Look Company and is made possible by the Kansfonds. Involved companies, organizations and people at the PitZtop concept are: Andersson Elffers Felix, Deerns, Hotelschool The Hague Campus Amsterdam, Stichting SOVIC, marketing expert Maddi Ali Deeb, hospitality professional Moe Al Masri and Inbo. 

In parallel with the development of PitZtop, Ruben Langereis, graduate at Inbo, developed residential units in a vacant office building in Rijswijk. He uses ‘Stekken’ elements, an Austrian product consisting of modular wooden stacking elements. Modular, flexible, with good structural properties and a beautiful appearance ... and circular of course. Ruben graduated with an 8 out of 10.  

More information: Trude de Vroomen, Arnold Homan (Inbo), Emmylou Aben (PitZtop)