June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

A stimulating work environment

At Inbo people grow. Young and proven talents are getting the possibility to discover, to experiment, to become better and to draw attention for their job. This matches the substantive growth of our office which continuously asks for expansion and innovation.

We are proud to tell you that Josine van Gulik and Emiel Hengst were appointed as partner of Inbo. Two professionals each with their very own background and character. From their own specialism they will both work on creating a more distinctive profile for the engineering team. From the Inbo Engineering team they will, together with Piet van der Ploeg and Wilco van Gils, focus on strengthening our position in both existing and new markets. 

Our interior team – Rodi van der Horst, Naomy Dentro, Maarten Hooijmeijer, Nina van Osta, Tom Oudijk, Vicki van de Pavert, Anja Romme and Joop Tobben – are putting the discipline interior on the map stronger every time. By engaging in conversations with people at each project they design interiors focused on its users and their (new) way of working. The fact this works well, is clear from the reactions about the stimulant these work environments create.

Warm regards,
Bert van Breugel and Tako Postma