June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

A space to meet

The Erasmuslaan of the Radboud University Campus has turned out to be a rich source of great projects for Inbo. At this moment the renovation and expansion for the building of the Faculty of dentistry takes place, as well as the accommodation of the Health- and Safety office. The design for the new Faculty of Social Sciences is proceeding and we can review the refurbishments of the Radboud central library. 

This last mentioned project has been in use for a while now and the reactions so far have proven it to be a successful project. With a demand for more ‘study spaces and energy sockets’ as a starting point, we started to design the ‘mid zone’ of the building and to provide this area with new furniture. The centrally placed service counters were refurbished completely, as were the loan and delivery units of the loaned material. The floors are opened up for more light, space and overview by removing some walls and doors. Resulting in a big open space for meeting, study and changing exhibitions. On a central location we designed a new coffee corner as a hub for all activities and functions around it. 

Because of the relatively quiet summer period and the busy exam weeks around the summer there was a tight time frame on the realization of the project. But with all the involved parties looking the same way it seemed to be a well-oiled machine. Contractor KlokBouw from Nijmegen held the responsibility of the realization, the custom-made furniture was made in collaboration with Coors from Ridderkerk. 

- Project Library Radboud University Nijmegen

More information: Maarten Hooijmeijer