June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

New work expands work field

Recently we won two selections for very nice projects that are not just interesting, but which are also an expansion to our scope of work. After a few years of not working for the police, we will now start working for them again with the refurbishment of their police office in De Pijp in Amsterdam. By winning the tender for the renovation of the Ca building of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam we take the next step in the world of hospital architecture.

The renovation of the Ca building is complex in several ways: because of the existing infrastructure, the phased renovation in which the building will partly remain in use and because of the positioning in between surrounding buildings that are to be connected to the Ca building on different levels. With ABT and Huygen we managed to distinguish from some experienced hospital designers. Through good research in the assignment and at the same time being critical, we managed to point out the risk’s and opportunities and proposed a way of working which that convinced the Erasmus MC of the fact that the design will be achieved in an integrated and synchronized way. As we did not think for, but like the Erasmus MC our team managed to win this great assignment.

A chat with our local police officer yielded an invitation for the selection of architects for the rebuilding of the RBT Zuid De Pijp police office in Amsterdam – just around the corner of our office. The office will become the base where the staff can work in an open and transparent environment with their colleagues, visitors and arrestees. With a ‘testfit’ we proved that clustering by use organizes the building. This excellent organization solves the programmatic problem and even results in a bigger flexibility and feeling of spaciousness. Future adjustments in the working space concept can be done easily without the need of complicated architectural or technical procedures.

More information: Hans Toornstra (Erasmus), Rik Bakker (police)