June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

Josine van Gulik new partner at Inbo

From her role as a business developer Josine van Gulik like no other knows what is going on in the full breadth of our office. She takes initiative, makes the connection both internal and external, creates new partnerships and always keeps an eye on our clients’ interests. With her communication talent she had a major part in improving our success in tendering and PR. Josine is intelligent and creative and with her own flair she dares to push through in all circumstances. 

Josine continues her business development activities as a partner with a focus on complex engineering projects. “I continuously work on improving existing and creating new partnerships with parties which, just like me, see added value of integral collaborations. It is good to see that borders between parties are disappearing and that sharing information becomes mainstream. I am convinced that really working we can create ever smarter solutions.” 

Josine focusses on expanding our working field in Total Engineering, PPP, Design & Build and Engineer and Construct projects and on further expanding new markets like circular BIM: BIM in all phases of the life of buildings.

More information: Josine van Gulik