June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

Interior as a branding instrument

NHTV will the coming years transform its main location into an international education campus in order to promote cross-pollination and synergy. Five academies, each with their very own character and identity and all very successful in their own way, will be located in two existing NHTV buildings and in a recently bought monastery. The three buildings as well as the surrounding terrain will be redesigned into a modern and inspiring educational environment.                                                    

The different identities of the academies will be reflected in the interiors of their spaces. The Academy for Hotel and Facility Management in the monastery will have a chic and classy look, while the Academy for Digital Engineering will get introvert and relaxed spaces and happy and colorful excesses set the tone for the Academy for Leisure. In between the different atmospheres the community spaces will function as connecting spaces and create one common identity for NHTV. 

Big and small interior elements create a family fanning across the campus and provide hold to the different users and visitors of NHTV. With a combination of big and spacious elements and sophisticated material transitions they have their own character and create a common identity in the three very different buildings. The interior design is therefore an important instrument for the branding of NHTV. 

The final planning for the new NHTV campus has been set short ago. Currently we are awaiting for the Engineer & Construct tender of the monastery. The tenders of the other buildings, the fixed interior and the campus terrain are in preparation. 

More information: Josine van Gulik, Rodi van der Horst, Naomy Dentro