June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

Innovation center Enexis completed

The new innovation center of Enexis is completed and taken into use. Everybody who wants to think with Enexis about the (spatial) impact of energy transition is welcome at LAB.073. The renovation and furnishing of the former 50kV station is designed using the circular principle, maximally re-using existing materials and furniture. Lisa Bisschop, projectmanager of Enexis, tells us: “We are very happy with our renewed location. Within a short amount of time and with a limited budget the final result is beautiful, thanks to the great collaboration and good communication with both Inbo and the contractor Stam + De Koning.” 

The monumental building’s industrial character was brought back by removing the suspended low ceilings and walls. Within the robust quality and structural character and a few carefully chosen interventions a new atmosphere was created, and at the same time respectfully dealing with the history of the building. The old transformer hall was transformed into an event hall for presentations, expositions and gatherings. A canary yellow tribune was designed on the old railing system, making it possible to wheel outside, and to allow multipurpose use. Where the transformer machinery used to make a lot of noise, now concentration and silence booths are situated. Most of the furniture is re-used expanded with 2nd hand furniture. “The outdated building got a real metamorphose into a special working environment to inspire, co-create and build.” 

That Inbo endorses the circular notion is evident also by signing the Green Deal Circle City Utrecht. With this we commit to work on cities without waste and without dropout: with local reuse of materials and local labor.

- Project Enexis, Den Bosch

More information: Aron Bogers, Rodi van der Horst, Nina van Osta, Vicki van de Pavert