June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

New Way of Working for R&D

Philips Healthcare is a successful and innovative company. The Healthcare campus is a production and development plant with a focus on R&D, innovation and production for the entire hospital process. This goes with a modern and friendly environment; to show innovative power to clients and to be an attractive employer for young professionals.

The different floors of the cell office and laboratory buildings we therefore turned into new, fresh and open working environments. The special thing about that is the mixture of offices and laboratories that were realized: the New Way of Working for R&D. The new working environments offer a rich mix of open working spaces, specific integrated software and mechanical laboratories and closed concentration and meeting rooms. For optimal transparency and overview within all the different spaces we created glass walls wherever possible. Visitors can thus literally take a look in the labs where among others new X-rays are being developed; the work of Healthcare may be seen.

After some previous renovations of office and laboratory buildings the transformation of the Healthcare Campus is now continued with the renovation of the educational centre. Step-by-step the buildings change into lively and modern working spaces that fit the innovative power of Philips.

More information: Bert van Breugel, Nina van Osta