June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

Emiel Hengst new partner at Inbo

Emiel Hengst has a talent for organizing and improving processes. This led him to grow from project leader, his first job at Inbo when he joined us is 1999 in Eindhoven, to manager business operations and now partner at Inbo Engineering. Emiel has overview, takes responsibility and knows how to bind clients and colleagues with his great commitment and dossier knowledge. Emiel knows what chain collaboration and co-makership means and he is able to inspire teams: he organizes collaborations regardless of boundaries between groups and companies. He has the special talent to combine a business attitude together with a sincere interest in the people he works with. 

As a partner Emiel will focus on the further growth and quality improvements of our modular housing projects. By combining big and small projects in a smart way and by continuously talking with our clients and chain partners he improves the process as well as the quality. “Together with the different contractors I optimize different housing concepts and the foregoing BIM and engineering process which precede it. My aim is to facilitate the entire operation from design to construction as efficient as possible. 

Besides his substantive role in the housing concept Emiel will stay responsible for our construction cost advisors and our office management in the broadest sense.

More information: Emiel Hengst