June 2016 - A stimulating work environment

A working environment that 'works'

Inspired by international companies like Spotify, Google, Netflix and ING more and more companies switch to agile working: a repetitive short term project method to register the ever-changing customer needs and to meet those needs. ING developed a new working concept to allow for Agile working. Inbo and Fokkema & Partners translated this concept to a spatial design for the Acanthus building in Amsterdam.  

Self-managing teams, team accountability and transparency in the organization are important in agile working. Less meetings and more responsibility for employees. Because ever more work can be done independent of time and location, agile working is focused on connecting, working together, awareness and innovation. This will make work more efficient, pleasant and above all humane.  

This flexible way of working requires a flexible interior concept, in which the employee is central. Whether or not a new work concept succeeds is largely dependent on the support from the employees; in addition to working environment and technology in particular personal behavior is an important factor. To create insight in the organizational structure of ING some interactive workshops and consultation sessions helped in this process. Thus together we developed an environment that 'works': a tailored plan that fits the way of working of both the employees and the company. 

With the completion of the interior of the Acanthus building we lifted the ING Agile working concept to a higher level. On sunny days people can work agile in a beautiful world of terraces, connected to the previously built 'garden hub’.

- Project ING Acanthus, Amsterdam 

More information: Rodi van der Horst, Naomy Dentro, Joop Tobben