July 2019 - Learning & Development


‘You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.’ 

Inbo embraces Galileo Galilei’s wisdom and invests in the development of its people. We enjoy feeding the curiosity of our colleagues, and we encourage them to think about their motivations and to expand their talents. This goes much deeper than simply organising a wide range of courses. Our new learning & development manager Mirjam Hoveijn will guide the new development lines within Inbo. This way, we can work on a strategic framework in which the ambitions of our people are given ample space. 

Inbo also values the exchange of knowledge with colleagues outside the office. We will host the upcoming event of Architectenweb on ‘Virtual Reality as design tool’

In this newsletter, several colleagues speak about the projects that make them feel enthusiastic and about the way they develop on the job.