July 2018 - Meeting

Apollo 14: a hot spot for innovative entrepreneurs

In the old expedition building of KPN, the Apollo 14 start-up hub has been in operation for just over a month. The workplaces are rented out by the municipality of The Hague to startups and scale-ups that focus on innovations for a better world. Here and there it is still a bit dusty in Apollo 14 - the part of the building where
innovative internet agency Q42 is going to be established is still being rebuilt. But it is already starting to look nice, almost all units at the front of the building have been rented out.

Inbo has designed the startup hub together with architect Corine Keus. Keus was responsible for the design of the workplaces, Inbo for the public spaces and the façade. The roller shutters at the front have been replaced by large glass fronts that make the building open and accessible. A former KPN employee is now
a tenant of a flexible workplace in Apollo 14 and knows better than anyone what the adjustments have done to the building. "What I really like is that this fresh and new building actually is built inside an old building. And the roof garden is great, I certainly see myself sitting there this summer."

Two entrepreneurs from the startup Start Lean Funding think it’s still a bit quiet in the building, but certainly see the potential of the communal areas. They can meet other entrepreneurs or organize their own events. The opportunity to connect, meet and inspire, they find it a benefit of a start-up hub as Apollo 14. An employee of a drone company also finds it a nice building. He especially finds the offices used by companies and the joint workplace by freelancers a big advantage. In this way, he can continue building drones at his own closed workstation, overlooking the peaceful green of the roof terrace.

More information: Wilco van Oosten, Rodi van der Horst