July 2018 - Meeting

An interior for everyone

In the first place you have to ask yourself, when designing your own office: what kind of company are we? We are not a corporate organization and we are not very chic or very hip. How do you translate that to the interior? The new office at the Koningin Wilhelminaplein in Amsterdam immediately feels pleasantly informal and at the same time exudes professionalism, which is exactly what our office should be.

It has become a home for everyone, for its own employees and guests. In the first place, this is due to the love that our own interior team has put into the interior design. It feels very special because everyone has been closely involved. All colleagues were asked what they are looking for in an ideal office. The most frequently heard wishes: concentration places, variation and sustainability. All this is included in the interior. The workplaces along the façade are separated from the central part with common functions by a black ‘corridor’, where there is room for formal and informal encounters. So there is a lot of space for meeting, but everyone can also work in a concentrated way.

We are talking a lot about circularity with our clients and naturally want to test and demonstrate this ourselves. The design of a new office is the perfect opportunity to do this. The interior serves as a basic layout that can be continuously adapted to the (future) wishes of our colleagues. The sustainable character can also be seen in the reuse of as many materials as possible. The staircase that is no longer needed has now become a small amphitheater. And there are, for example, large 'orphan plants' collected from old offices. The lunch tables have table tops that served as a base for exhibitions in the Foto museum Rotterdam. The acoustic material that is sprayed on the ceiling consists of old newspaper shreds of which you can still see the photos if you look closely.

Circularity is also about involvement: It is pre-eminently illustrated by the swarm of hanging coffee cups in the café at the entrance. Each of the employees has painted their own cup in a color. Together they symbolize individual personality and the whole. And the hospitality that Inbo stands for: come by for a cup of coffee! 

More information: Rodi van der Horst