July 2018 - Meeting

De Veerplaats in Leiden

On Friday June 29th, the municipality of Leiden announced that the proposal by Catsheuvel and Inbo was selected for the development of the location on the Oude Rijn river. The plan - entitled De Veerplaats Verbindt (Veerplaats connects) – consists of 38 homes, 11 of which are in social housing.

De Veerplaats will become a compact residential area situated around an elevated (parking) deck where one does not live side by side but with each other. De Veerplaats offers the perspective of a small-scale and personal residential neighborhood with differentiated housing options, based on a sustainable basic attitude towards the environment, towards each other and the community. In short, De Veerplaats Connects!

Alderman Fleur Spijker (Sustainable Urbanization): "With this plan, we will soon add nearly 40 homes to Leiden, on a special location: near roads and close to the water. Developer Catsheuvel and Inbo will, together with the future residents, translate the housing requirements into home designs. At the same time, the common living space along the water will be implemented, in which the local residents will also be involved."

In 2018, the municipality of Leiden started a selection procedure for the sale and development of the Oude Rijn location. Three selected parties submitted a proposal that was evaluated by the municipality of Leiden on quality and price. In this assessment the plan of Catsheuvel and Inbo was awarded as winner.

More information: Arnold Homan