July 2018 - Meeting

Construction started for Eco garden Guangzhou

Eco Garden Office Campus is a small campus with 7 office villas and one office tower, located in the Panyu district of Guangzhou and benefitting from a natural green hill on the southern border. The campus targets tech, IT and mobile industry, from start-ups to matured medium sized enterprises. Since the people working in this industry are relatively young, the aim is to develop an attractive healthy and green working environment in which every company can express their individual qualities while benefit from a powerful collective; a platform. 

With sunken gardens, green patio’s, roof gardens, terraces and a central park the campus absorbs the green qualities of its surrounding and maximizes the feeling of working in a healthy green environment. At the same time it stimulates an open innovation environment, with informal meetings and knowledge exchange between users. The tower and its neighboring sunken plaza provide shared facilities such as exhibition/event space, gym, convenience store, restaurant and incubator spaces. 

The overall architecture design aims to maximize the working in the green feeling, with floor to floor structural glazed glass elements. Aluminium fins improve privacy issues between the buildings and distinct different units in one volume. The dark reflecting glass plinth mirrors the landscape and make the building float in the continuous landscape. Construction will be completed in 2020.

- Project Eco garden office Campus, Guangzhou

More information: Mark Dekker