January 2019

Healthy workplace at Healthcare Campus

Building QS is the seventh project that was designed by Inbo at the Healthcare Campus in Best. The building acts as an internal education building. The company, a large player in healthcare, develops equipment, systems and services aimed at the well-being of mankind. 

The transformation of the closed 1990s building into a new, open work and education environment has ensured that the building is future-proof.

The large lab zone on the ground floor was a closed container without daylight; to make the working atmosphere more pleasant, rooflights were installed and the closed-off emergency doors were replaced by glass doors. Whenever one is now working in the lab, there is always a visual connection with the outside. An “outdoor simulation” was also installed on the ceiling – a printed canvas with an image of leaves through which the light from the rooflights passes. ‘This gives people the feeling of being connected to the outside’, says interior architect Nina van Osta

Staff from branches around the globe come to this laboratory to learn using the medical equipment. Through this, the company ensures world-wide knowledge dissemination, thus making high-quality healthcare services available around the world. The building previously consisted of large rooms for 30 people, but current courses are taught in smaller groups to guarantee a more personal coaching. As the rooms have been made smaller, space was created to furnish the entire first story of building QS as the office of the Healthcare Campus. 

Glass walls make for a much more transparent building, with new lines of sight towards the outside. The Campus is located at the centre of a green area, and staff are stimulated to use their breaks to go for a jog or explore the heaths on a freely available bicycle. The connection with the landscape is an important part of the Campus, which also sets it apart from other campuses. Inside, everyone works on high-tech innovations, but the outside world always remains close by. 

Nina took photos before and after the renovation. All plans realised by Inbo for the Healthcare Campus have emerged from discussions with the end-users; their specific wishes were considered from day one. The result therefore always is a tailor-made design that keeps the flexibility to offer space for changing compositions of staff and activities in the future. ‘This balance was rediscovered in building QS’, Nina says. 

Further information: Nina van Osta, Adriënne Kolen