January 2018 - Identity

Start Town Hall Son en Breugel

In the village centre of Son en Breugel the 1st phase of a new municipal office will arise this year, for which Inbo won the Design & Build selection together with contractor Stam + De Koning Bouw. The former library makes way for a modern brick building that will provide an inspiring working environment for the officials of the beautiful Brabant village. The design received a lot of praise from local residents, the beauty committee and local politics. Together with the characteristic administrative centre from 1963, which will be renovated in the 2nd phase, it will soon be a modest ensemble of old and new that acknowledges the special history of the place. 

The municipality chose for a sustainable and future-oriented building with a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to anticipate on future administrative developments. A building that is very energy-efficient and has careful choices in terms of support structure and material application. Should the municipal need for office space decrease, the building can be converted into an apartment building with few modifications.

The new building has an accessible character and fits naturally into the structure of the centre. The main entrance at Raadhuisplein, marked by the cantilevered council chamber, will be retained as the public front door of the town hall. The ground floor of the new building jumps back slightly and accommodates the small-scale retail store that characterizes the vitality of the village centre of Son en Breugel. Old and new buildings are connected on the first floor. A glass area connects the formal business' 60’s look of the hall of the old building with the transparent colourful interior of the new building. Employees and citizens meet here and the municipality of Son en Breugel can welcome its citizens and be of service. 

More information: Aron Bogers, Frank Zewald