January 2018 - Identity


At the end of last year we got green light for three new town halls. That means a great start for our new year, with nice design assignments. Especially if you look at the content: all three projects are renovations of characteristic, existing buildings. Which especially for the residents of the municipality, symbolize the characteristic of the place. In Rijswijk it is even a building where the municipality left not long ago to move into a generic flexible office. But as a new monument, nobody wants to leave it empty. 

Also in new buildings there is a great need for characteristic identity, we want to be able to identify with the place. Which does not always have to be special, but it does need to be recognizable. We want real places that bind us as a community. That is the power of architecture for us. 

We wish everyone a wonderful new year! 

With kind regards,
Bert van Breugel and Tako Postma