January 2017 - Social Impact

WHO CARES officially launched

WHO CARES is a new design competition about care in the Dutch post-war neighborhoods, issued by the Chief Government Architect Floris Alkemade. After the launch of the competition last December, the official kick-off was held on January 18. Rutger Oolbekkink of Inbo will take on the role of project leader on behalf of Nederlandwordtanders , after he previously fulfilled this role for the very successful design competition 'A Home Away from Home’, which was recently nominated for the European Mies van der Rohe Award. 

The competition focuses on the changing care structure in combination with post-war neighborhoods which are ready for renovation and offer space for transformation to new types of housing. People are living longer, stay healthy longer and want to stay as long as possible in their own familiar environment. Also other generations are living alone more often and are looking for connectedness. In addition to technological innovations and social innovations, also new spatial concepts are needed; in terms of housing, new forms of living together as well as urban redesign. 

WHO CARES is looking for innovative and future-oriented visions on the Dutch residential areas, in which an answer is giving for the ageing population and changes in the care and support; new ideas that boost the spatial innovation of the neighborhoods. The participating municipalities nominate neighborhoods which can serve as an example for similar areas. 

We recognize the need for new forms of housing from our own practice and have therefor developed several living concepts that respond to current needs, such as Knarrenhof, Senior Smart Living en het WelkomThuisHuis. The Knarrenhof, in which old-fashioned neighborlship, privacy and the opportunity to purchase joint care are key, is considered as one of the pilot projects for WHO CARES. 

More information: Rutger Oolbekkink