January 2017 - Social Impact

Sale of ParkEntree goes fast

A good start for ParkEntree in Schiedam, the first Senior Smart Living area. The sales talks for the houses, of which the construction will start mid-2017, have begun and most homes are already under option. It is nice to see that the people who were present at the co-creation sessions during the design phase are now actually registering. Among those interested are many people who used to live in the region of Schiedam and are eager to return to this beautiful location on the edge of the center, and on walking distance from park and subway. 

ParkEntree is a neighborhood for active seniors who want to live independently as long as possible, but who need a watchful eye. The Senior Smart Living concept seeks the balance between residents doing everything themselves and offering just that little bit of help that is needed. Two communal gardens and a common room with kitchen and guest bedroom make encounters possible. Here residents can organize things together and keep an eye on each other, but also jointly purchase care; the common area can then be used for physiotherapy for example. Wat is special, is that we are going to apply a completely new hospitality model, in which a host or hostess, will be working with the residents for 2 days a week by supporting and developing joint initiatives in order to achieve a strong and sustainable neighborhood. 

Together with ParkEntree’s partners Beyond Now, Blauwhoed and Syntrus Achmea we organized several co-creation sessions in the design phase with future residents and other stakeholders. In that way interested parties could influence the design. They clearly wished that the plan should not become old fashioned, but rather light and transparent. Because we all know the future residents personally it is even more valuable to work together on the quality of living. Together we are able to realize the special place that we had in mind. 

The Municipality of Schiedam sees ParkEntree as a welcome addition to its housing and stood up for its realization. Other municipalities also show interest in the Senior Smart Living concept. 

More information: Wilco van Oosten